About the Band

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!!

Let the Good Times Roll!!

French Quarter is a Tucson-based acoustic string band, specializing in an eclectic assortment of material from the 1920s to the present. Traditional folk, country-blues, trad jazz, jugband, alt-country…. songwriters from Lonnie Johnson to Leon Redbone to Townes van Zandt… so much great music… so little time!!


Street scene in the French Quarter

A French Quarter show is full of surprises. We love to introduce the audience to songs that we have discovered and researched. Some are only available as transcriptions from old 78s. Some are available commercially today. What all of our songs have in common is how they reveal the common ground we share with those who have gone before: the real folk – railroad men and sharecroppers, minstrels and songsters. All of this music speaks to a simpler, perhaps more authentic, period in our American history.Preservation Hall


Some call it Americana, and that works fine for us, as long as we remember that America is first and foremost a melting pot of cultural differences – a gumbo of influences from the millions of immigrants who came to this continent from all over the globe. Perhaps nowhere in America is this cultural mélange more evident than in our namesake city and spiritual hometown: New Orleans. Stroll through the Tremé, Central City, Uptown – and of course the French Quarter – and the  magic of the Crescent City oozes from every door and balcony.ironwork balconies


So it is with the greatest respect that we pay homage to the ideal of cultural inclusiveness, by adopting French Quarter as our band’s name. To us it says respect for diversity. It says tolerance of differences. And it invokes an understanding that others, with their differences, can also be right.

sgba-1087-x2Let us not forget that the joyous celebration of our shared culture through live music has always been a crucial means of validating and celebrating heritage. Second Line, Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, Jazz Funeral… Just keep the flame burning!Second Line

So, come join the parade!

French Quarter has stepped off!

Laissez les Bons Temps Rouler!!

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